Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Doors Open...

There were few tears this morning, and Lucy seemed to know that it was time for a change. I prepared her kennel and she hopped onto my hand and looked at me and I looked at her--the final hug, and wish for a good long life. At the airport, I assured her that I would be keeping track of her and that a wonderful life awaited her in Colorado. I am upset with myself because I thought it would be much more traumatic, but I realize she is going to a wonderful home and for those of us that have larger birds, we have to realize--more than likely our pets will outlive us and we will not be their only home.

Today, I am cleaning out a cage and taking it down, I am looking at my flock and realizing that we are now where we should be. The journey continues for all...Lucy I love you, may your life be as wonderful as I think it will be, you were my first macaw and that will guarantee you a special place in my heart always. Christy and Lucas, again, thank you, take care of my girl as I know you will--she is now yours, may you all share a wonderful life and may God give you all years of joy.

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