Thursday, March 24, 2011

A New Day, A New Hope.

Photo taken in September of 2008, what a long journey it has been with Lucy and now I believe we have a new home for her that will give her the love and patience she needs. I look at this photo and I have to cry, she is only 4 here and she was a bit nippy but she was also a very different bird than today... What the heck happened along this journey? Am I responsible for what has happened? When Lucy leaves; what is gonna happen with the dynamics of my birds?

Putting Lucy on a plane is gonna be tough, I know it's gonna be a tearful day, but some of those tears are gonna be of hope and joy. I have known the people taking her for years and I know she will be welcomed and loved and most of all, she will be with another Scarlet. I pray it will work and I believe in my heart that if given time and guidance—it will work.

Baby Blaze: January 2008

I spent time with Blaze today, holding her and I realized how much I short-changed her, I should have given her more opportunity to develop and now I am gonna try to go back and make up for lost time, I believe she has such potential for being a sweet, petite, Greenwing that I am sorta thankful that I will be able to spend more time with her and not feel like I am slighting Lucy or depriving Lucy. We went through a lot when Blaze arrived and we had to put her back on formula for 6-8 months to build her up to what I considered a satisfactory weight, I look at her today and she is stunning!

Blaze: April 2010

I believe that a life with two macaws is gonna be good, it will allow me to spend quality time with both and J will be able to as well, it will allow all the macaws to feel the love they need, Blaze and Maggie here, Lucy with Christy, Lucas and their flock. As for Popeye, well, thank God Amazons aren't as needy as macaws—but he'll be getting more time as well.


  1. Wow, love the new blog. So open and honest with great photos. Keep it up.

  2. Bob, I'm thrilled to hear Lucy has likely found a home where she'll have her specific needs met and you and your flock your particular needs as well.
    You are to be commended for determining a change was needed. And loving Lucy enough to do it!

    That's marvelous that you know the people who will take her. Sounds like a'win- win' for all!

  3. So, we have come full circle. We now know the truth: we know far less than we thought we did. Much like year one, its a constant learning curve.

    Adult birds are not anything like baby birds. They are possessive, often jealous and fiercely protective. We become their mate substitute and that rarely works for either party.

    Give her a fresh start, a clean slate. Give the new owner the opportunity to build a bond with Lucy. She may be ready for a change, just as your are. No tears, just wish her well and trust that the new owners will do their very best to make her feel happy and loved.