Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Doors Open...

There were few tears this morning, and Lucy seemed to know that it was time for a change. I prepared her kennel and she hopped onto my hand and looked at me and I looked at her--the final hug, and wish for a good long life. At the airport, I assured her that I would be keeping track of her and that a wonderful life awaited her in Colorado. I am upset with myself because I thought it would be much more traumatic, but I realize she is going to a wonderful home and for those of us that have larger birds, we have to realize--more than likely our pets will outlive us and we will not be their only home.

Today, I am cleaning out a cage and taking it down, I am looking at my flock and realizing that we are now where we should be. The journey continues for all...Lucy I love you, may your life be as wonderful as I think it will be, you were my first macaw and that will guarantee you a special place in my heart always. Christy and Lucas, again, thank you, take care of my girl as I know you will--she is now yours, may you all share a wonderful life and may God give you all years of joy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Hours and a Final Hug

Tonight is the last time I will ever give Lucy a hug and hold her, the memories of the past years came pouring through and I am in shock. A journey that started for us in 2004 continues but our path is splitting and each of us will be heading in our own direction. I am honored and thankful for Christy and Lucas, given time they will provide a wonderful home with much love and attention, I will be able to concentrate on my smurf and Blaze.

As I was holding, embracing Lucy, I told her that her life will be full and although we will not be together in person, we will always be together in spirit. I assured her that although tomorrow will be scary, the following days will be exciting and joy will embrace her and we will both be happier in the long run.

Lucy, be all you can, live a good life, and love those who love you. Enjoy the change because none of us are supposed to remain stagnant, welcome change, welcome love and remember your past but look forward to the future. I will miss you my dear soul, you were my first macaw and that will always make you special. This is not farewell, I will be keeping track of your progress and I will always be wishing and wanting the best for you. I love you.

Hysterical Cartoon!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Days Ahead

Today is going to be a busy day... I have to figure out Lucy's departure, come up with a list of her favorite foods and such and it all makes me realize one important fact... that more than likely at this time next week, Lucy will be living in another home and yeah, the tears come to my eyes... I am so thankful and Christy and Lucas are taking her in and giving her the love she needs to flourish but at the same time, I am saddened because I broke my promise to her—the promise that whatever comes into my home stays here. I realize that it's neither of our faults, we're not a good mix, but it still does not make it easy...

As the days ahead approach, I am gonna do my best to keep focused on the light at the end of this tunnel, realizing that a new day will be here for all of us, and that day will be a better one.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Incredible Watercolors of Ellen Morrow

Another "stumble upon", Ellen Morrow can be Googled--I think her work is absolutely stunning and as someone who has done watercolors, I am in awe of her talent.


Another Cool Desktop/Wallpaper

I don't remember where I came across this one... but it looks lovely on a desktop or laptop!

N. Jonas Englund Desktops

These are lovely...Jonas Englund posted them years ago and they're no longer available.

A New Day, A New Hope.

Photo taken in September of 2008, what a long journey it has been with Lucy and now I believe we have a new home for her that will give her the love and patience she needs. I look at this photo and I have to cry, she is only 4 here and she was a bit nippy but she was also a very different bird than today... What the heck happened along this journey? Am I responsible for what has happened? When Lucy leaves; what is gonna happen with the dynamics of my birds?

Putting Lucy on a plane is gonna be tough, I know it's gonna be a tearful day, but some of those tears are gonna be of hope and joy. I have known the people taking her for years and I know she will be welcomed and loved and most of all, she will be with another Scarlet. I pray it will work and I believe in my heart that if given time and guidance—it will work.

Baby Blaze: January 2008

I spent time with Blaze today, holding her and I realized how much I short-changed her, I should have given her more opportunity to develop and now I am gonna try to go back and make up for lost time, I believe she has such potential for being a sweet, petite, Greenwing that I am sorta thankful that I will be able to spend more time with her and not feel like I am slighting Lucy or depriving Lucy. We went through a lot when Blaze arrived and we had to put her back on formula for 6-8 months to build her up to what I considered a satisfactory weight, I look at her today and she is stunning!

Blaze: April 2010

I believe that a life with two macaws is gonna be good, it will allow me to spend quality time with both and J will be able to as well, it will allow all the macaws to feel the love they need, Blaze and Maggie here, Lucy with Christy, Lucas and their flock. As for Popeye, well, thank God Amazons aren't as needy as macaws—but he'll be getting more time as well.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harsh Realities...

In May 2004 I purchased a Ruby Macaw baby, we named her Lucy, she was my first macaw. I had always wanted a Greenwing but none were around at the time so we stumbled upon Glenn who bred Rubies along with several other parrot species, I couldn't help but fall in love with her face and eyes of expectation. For those of you who don't know what a Ruby Macaw is, they are a hybrid between a Scarlet and a Greenwing, and most breeders will swear that they will develop the loving nature of a Greenwing, but now I have learned otherwise. Ruby Macaws will most likely develop traits/mannerisms from both parents including the nippy nature of a Scarlet and if you talk with owners of Ruby Macs, they will usually confirm that, granted some are lovely and sweet natured—but that does not seem to be the norm.

When Lucy came home, the love affair began, and she was a gem, she was intelligent, loving, sweet and just an incredible soul to be around but things have changed and although I still love her, I realize now I am at a point where her and I need to part ways so she can be with someone who understands her better and has the time to give her that she needs. I see that day on the horizon and it's gonna hurt like hell, but I know in my heart it will benefit all of those involved and will make us all better in the long run. Lucy will always hold a special place in my heart, she was the first macaw, but I also know I cannot live with her, she needs more, perhaps being a single bird is the answer for her, perhaps being with other Scarlets or Scarlet hybrids is the answer—I just don't know, but I am doing my best to do what's right for her... She had no control of this situation, I did, and I have to make things right.

Lucy, May 2004
Lucy, August 2010

Friday, March 18, 2011

Very Cool Wallpaper

Okay...Here's a freebie!!!!! I frikin' love it!!! Do a search for "parrot" and you'll find them all...


Jan Dungel

Lovely illustrations/artwork, although they seem a bit off in regards to the macaws and their tails...

Jan Dungel (1951–) a Czech painter, graphic artist and illustrator. A member of the Union of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic, he is especially noted for his paintings and drawings of animals, particularly birds, heavily influenced by a trip to South America in 1992.

Eli Yale...

Teddy Roosevelt and Eli Yale, the first macaw: photo taken in 1902.

Baby Hyacinths

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a passion for these smurfs! I adore Hys—they are the worlds best companion animal and sharing a life with a Hy is a gift that should not be taken lightly. I look at these photos and I realize that even on the worst day, there is hope for a better tomorrow with these guys in it...

Elizabeth Butterworth

I am in awe of this woman's work! They are some of the best parrot illustrations I have ever seen and they capture the essence of the birds, they are stunning, rich, vibrant, and perfect. Anyone who loves parrots must see her work and have some of her prints... I personally love her macaws, she did one of a Hyacinth that is my favorite.