Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harsh Realities...

In May 2004 I purchased a Ruby Macaw baby, we named her Lucy, she was my first macaw. I had always wanted a Greenwing but none were around at the time so we stumbled upon Glenn who bred Rubies along with several other parrot species, I couldn't help but fall in love with her face and eyes of expectation. For those of you who don't know what a Ruby Macaw is, they are a hybrid between a Scarlet and a Greenwing, and most breeders will swear that they will develop the loving nature of a Greenwing, but now I have learned otherwise. Ruby Macaws will most likely develop traits/mannerisms from both parents including the nippy nature of a Scarlet and if you talk with owners of Ruby Macs, they will usually confirm that, granted some are lovely and sweet natured—but that does not seem to be the norm.

When Lucy came home, the love affair began, and she was a gem, she was intelligent, loving, sweet and just an incredible soul to be around but things have changed and although I still love her, I realize now I am at a point where her and I need to part ways so she can be with someone who understands her better and has the time to give her that she needs. I see that day on the horizon and it's gonna hurt like hell, but I know in my heart it will benefit all of those involved and will make us all better in the long run. Lucy will always hold a special place in my heart, she was the first macaw, but I also know I cannot live with her, she needs more, perhaps being a single bird is the answer for her, perhaps being with other Scarlets or Scarlet hybrids is the answer—I just don't know, but I am doing my best to do what's right for her... She had no control of this situation, I did, and I have to make things right.

Lucy, May 2004
Lucy, August 2010

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