Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today I let Blaze spend time at my desk with me and it was awesome! All my questions have been answered, and I am now content, I really have the flock I want and need and I seriously doubt I will add to it ever. When I was growing up, the two birds I always wanted were a Hy and Greenwing, I was never really crazy about Harlequins, Catalina, Milligolds, etc., I am a bit of an animal purist...I like pure blood lines and feel there really is no reason to mess with the perfection nature has created.

When I got Lucy, I had been looking for a Greenwing and none were available, so I took what was, I fell in love with Lucy. Lucy was a joy, she was smart, loving, and responsive but she also had her moments of being unpredictable, as she grew older and the other two macaws came home, the more she lashed out at times and I felt bad for her. Lucy needed more attention than I could give and that is why we decided to rehome her, thankfully, Lucas and Christy opened their hearts.

Blaze was the middle child, she came from a breeder on the west coast and she was underweight, stressed, and in need of attention when she arrived. We worked hard to get her to where she is today and I take great pride in her but I never really got to know her—until now. I had spent time with Blaze but never like I should have, I knew there was a great soul in her but I needed to coax it out and we needed to learn about each other. Today was the confirmation that I had made the right choice, Blaze sat with me for two hours as I was at the computer, she preened my hair, she said "kisthes" and gave me kisses, and would venture onto my desk and run back up onto my shoulder. All my hopes have been confirmed and I look forward to spending more days like today. Blaze shows such potential, she is extremely loving and vocal, she is the Greenwing that we all hear about... Today was a great day!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

TASC 2011

First of all, kudos to Jason Crean, TASC members, lecturers, and all those that participated in assuring the show ran beautifully—you did a great job and best of all, most of you did it with a smile which was amazing!!

We finally met a ParrotLand family member, Andrew, and it was great to add a new friend, it’s always nice to meet people who are talented and jus’ good people–it allows for the beginning of a real friendship. Meeting Andrew, catching up with Theresa, and finding $2 Jungle Talk foraging toys was our high point… I really wish we had the chance to catch up with Patricia Sund, we saw her but we were both busy…and of course, it’s always a joy to see Tracy Dowler Hylka of Bella Embroidery!

Now for the interesting points… To those vendors who had the balls to raise your prices by 30% or more—shame on you and bite me! You can blame the economic crisis on your attempted robbery but we can blame it as well and not shop at your booth and that is what I think many of us did. I will be kind and not be specific, I figure many already know the error of their ways and paid for it quite heavily yesterday…and rightfully so. Another piece of advice—engage your audience! Don’t stand there with your arms folded and a nasty look on your face—especially when you have a nice face!

I also want to address those that bring in large parrots…come on, be a bit more responsible! I fell in love with a Buffon’s Macaw (Ara ambigua) but the vendor really threw me off, quoting all sorts of prices to every individual…That’s for car dealerships, not for those who have livestock and especially livestock that is getting more stressed by the minute. Give us your bottom price and perhaps the bird will get out early enough to have as less stress as possible. The same individual had the guts to try to sell a Hy for $12,000 but in the next breathe said it was negotiable, this poor bird was being passed around like a cheap hooker at a bachelor party…yeah, I want that bird after that kind of treatment… The Buffon’s asking price was $2500, the individual quoted me $2000 but I really think at the end of the day (4 p.m.) I could have had her for $1700 but again, she would have been a basket-case from all the stress incurred during the day…Plus I really hated the dog-and-pony show this vendor presented.

I really think anyone wants to flourish or profit in this industry they need to be more inventive and look for what they think may be the next greatest thing…I am so tired of rainbow colored balsa, pine, plastic, etc., bring us something we have never seen before and make us need it! Give us something that will revolutionize the way we keep our birds and show us how important it is to have it.

I also wish more rescues made a known presence, with so many birds in need of good homes, I wish you could have/would have been front and center. Thank you for being the kind souls and havens for those in need.

All in all, it was a very, very good day!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Power of a Photo

The power of a photo is amazing! It has been a strange week...two birds lost, some decent job prospects, my brother had some health issues that turned out to be okay, Joel has some issues going on, etc. and it's raining out—which puts me in a funk.

Today, Christy posted a photo of Lucy with Isis and it put a huge smile on my face, Thank You Christy! I was lucky that Christy and Lucas opened their hearts to Lucy and I have been very comfortable with it but I still love to see photos of her and how she is adapting and finding her way in her new home, I love hearing from Christy and Lucas on how she is becoming a member of their flock, it proves that rehoming when done properly is a wonderful continuation of life.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Do What You Love

Ever since my layoff in May of 2009, I have heard the resounding mantra—Do What You Love...and you will be successful. I understand the concept but it is a huge leap of faith into the unknown, and I am apprehensive. Without a doubt my passion is parrots—and macaws in particular, I understand them, I relate to them, and most of all, I really love being around them—Macaws are guys birds, they're obnoxious, loud, overbearing, and yet deep inside there is still a child that wants and needs to be loved and views things so differently than us. Someone along my journey made a comment "macaws will steal everything on your plate, but most of all—they'll steal your heart" and it is very true.

If I had the opportunity to do my life over, I think I would have gone into veterinary medicine or psittacine research and do graphic design on the side or perhaps pursue my fine art background as a hobby. Life gives no guarantees but the some of us played by the rules and we got blind-sided, jaded, or fucked without getting kissed. Am I bitter? Oh hell yes! But, I realize there are other opportunities in life and sometimes we need to create our own path in life.

I have met so many wonderful people in the avicultural community, brilliant passionate people that are amazing and I am so lucky to have many as friends and associates. As small of a community as we are, we have a vast network and we're all linked somewhere along the way and we all share the common thread—our love of birds, a thread that makes us a family.

I am at a point in my life where I am old enough to make wise decisions—at times and realize where I have made some of my mistakes. When you're in college, all you want is to get a degree and make money—you haven't developed your passion or felt it—now, I know my passion and I need to develop a way of making a living with it, I need to bring all the aspects of my life together and use it to make a living...Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Talented Friends—The Gotts

Okay, since I am shamelessly promoting friends talents, I have to bring to the forefront a great couple, the Gotts. Andrew is a true renaissance man—working with pencil, silver-point, metal, etc. and his wife, Joanne is gifted with a talent for embroidery...Must be nice to have such talent under one roof!



Darlene Horsley

Okay, every once in awhile we come across people that are extremely talented and are just great people—Darlene is one of those, I am so lucky and blessed to have her as a friend. I thought I would showcase some of her watercolors here... Plus, Darlene is a bird person—which even makes her more special!


Life Is a Beautiful Thing!

Today Christy and Lucas posted photos of Lucy with Lucas, the photos brought tears of joy—realizing that we all did the right thing for her and that her life—our lives, are where they should be. I honestly believe if rehoming is thought out and done with love, it can be the best thing for everyone. There are only two words that can express my appreciation to Christy and Lucas—Thank You!

Do I miss Lucy, sure I do, but I look at the long-term and my heart is warmed by the fact that I know she will have a good life with people that love her.

I did not lose a bird, I gained great friends, friends that I share a common thread with. Life Is a Beautiful Thing!