Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today I let Blaze spend time at my desk with me and it was awesome! All my questions have been answered, and I am now content, I really have the flock I want and need and I seriously doubt I will add to it ever. When I was growing up, the two birds I always wanted were a Hy and Greenwing, I was never really crazy about Harlequins, Catalina, Milligolds, etc., I am a bit of an animal purist...I like pure blood lines and feel there really is no reason to mess with the perfection nature has created.

When I got Lucy, I had been looking for a Greenwing and none were available, so I took what was, I fell in love with Lucy. Lucy was a joy, she was smart, loving, and responsive but she also had her moments of being unpredictable, as she grew older and the other two macaws came home, the more she lashed out at times and I felt bad for her. Lucy needed more attention than I could give and that is why we decided to rehome her, thankfully, Lucas and Christy opened their hearts.

Blaze was the middle child, she came from a breeder on the west coast and she was underweight, stressed, and in need of attention when she arrived. We worked hard to get her to where she is today and I take great pride in her but I never really got to know her—until now. I had spent time with Blaze but never like I should have, I knew there was a great soul in her but I needed to coax it out and we needed to learn about each other. Today was the confirmation that I had made the right choice, Blaze sat with me for two hours as I was at the computer, she preened my hair, she said "kisthes" and gave me kisses, and would venture onto my desk and run back up onto my shoulder. All my hopes have been confirmed and I look forward to spending more days like today. Blaze shows such potential, she is extremely loving and vocal, she is the Greenwing that we all hear about... Today was a great day!

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwww. Sweet sweet Blaze. What an awesome day you had. =)