Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Balance

Okay, let me first say this—not all bird breeders are evil!!! Second, not all rescues are wonderful, and third—weigh the facts and needs out and make a rational, informed decision.

Folks, I am seeing more and more radicals in the animal rescue/sanctuary gig and it is becoming alarming. I used to believe in many of these people, but as time progresses, I am beginning to think their cause has eroded their gray matter and they have become zealots—overlooking common courtesy and sense just to prove a point. We all know who they are— they’re the ones that are well on their way to joining the happy patients at Shady Acres enjoying the comfort of padded walls,  meals with spoons instead of forks, and receiving 10,000 volts to the temple.

Lets be fair and realistic, bird breeders and sanctuaries/rescues have to learn to coexist, you can think what you want, but enough of this demoralizing public behavior, it’s time for all to grow up! I know of several breeders that I believe in, and I know of a handful of rescues/sanctuaries that I believe in, and the reason I say a handful is because of the behavior they have exhibited in recent months. Do you really want to alienate people so they don’t choose adoption? Many rescues/sanctuaries have utilized social media, i.e., Facebook, for their cause and instead of being fair, they have twisted things and become hateful, posting some of the most offensive images I have ever seen. Where does the line get drawn? If I was a parent and my child saw some of the images these people put up, there would be a major can of whoop-ass coming to their door, and these “people” think it’s funny or necessary to shock and repulse people…Where does the line blur? One individual told me it was their job to inform the world of injustices…hmmmmm…where do I get an application for that job? Can I see the resumé that one needs for that position? Here I thought everyone could be an asshole at times but preferred not to be…What was I thinking?!

Prior to the economic downturn, rescues/sanctuaries were far and few between, and the ones that did flourish and prosper were the ones that deserved to, Best Friends, Gabriel, Phoenix, Bird Lovers Only, etc., they’ve worked hard, earned a reputation, and maintained a level of dignity that I respect. These are the folks that still deserve our recognition and money, along with a few of the smaller up-and-coming groups that have maintained civility and common sense. Support a person based upon ethics and how they represent themselves, don’t let words clutter your judgment, let actions be your stimulus.

There is a cliché, The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions, and this is what I believe with many of the rescues/sanctuaries that are popping up. They start with great intentions but eventually will crumble due to their own arrogance, ignorance, and anger. We cannot save every bird, I am sorry, but this is my opinion, some of them have become so destroyed that we have let them go—humanely. What God created with love, Mankind has blemished, and we need to recognize our mistakes and move forward with hopes of a better tomorrow. Let today serve as an example of what tomorrow should be and we need to work together.

I honestly do believe we need to “Opt to Adopt”, but many people are not ready to do that, and they need to take the steps they feel comfortable with. Who is anyone to tell another how they should spend their money? I encourage adoption as much as possible, I tell people that “what used to be” and “what is now” are very different and that many excellent birds are in need of homes and should not be overlooked based upon old perceptions or beliefs. We need to encourage adoption through kindness, not bullying, the world has enough violence, we need to ease people into the adoption process and welcome them as they do and we need to have breeders who educate the consumer.

Many breeders have gotten out of breeding, and I give them credit—they have recognized the current state of aviculture and have taken steps to fix the situation—kudos to them! Many breeders are still dedicated to producing excellent babies, and we need to support them, we need to be fair and honest and recognize that eventually and even now, there is a need for these folks, we cannot and should not damn every breeder! We need to weed out the bad ones, and support the good ones, just like we need to do with the sanctuaries and rescues, we need to come together in a realistic manner and not scatter because of our politic.

I know many breeders I am proud to know them and they are my friends. I know of many rescues that I am proud of and happy to call my friends, I believe in balance—think about it.