Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roy Astley Fryer

I love this mans work... he catches the very essence of why we love our companions in their facial expression, color, and gesture. I would love to one day own one of his stunning works.

Roy Astley Fryer, internationally recognized Bird/Wildlife Artist from South Africa (Johannesburg, Gauteng) spends much of his time in Africa's largest game reserve ("Kruger National Park") gathering and researching bird and wildlife reference to paint. Roy's passion for art started at a young age and after finishing high school (Sasolburg High) he served in the South African military force (1 Parachute Battalion (Bloemfontein), mandatory 2 years), afterwards  graduating with a National Graphic Design diploma (Pretoria Technicon).

From a very young age Roy has been interested in birds/wildlife and had the opportunity on the family farm in the Karoo in Southern Africa to enjoy and become aware of the outdoor animal wildlife. In 2000 Roy left the design and advertising world and turned his profession to wildlife and bird art specializing in parrots. He works from out of his studio in Springs and has visited the United States a dozen times selling his art. His work is flown to all continents on the globe.


  1. Beautiful work! Wish I could have the time to sit and paint again. Wonderful blog as well.

  2. Your work is amazing. Just striking.

  3. The paintings are beautiful.. such an amazing talent!