Saturday, May 21, 2011

Logos, The Good, The Bad...

Recently I have notice something, good logo/graphic design is very sparse in the avicultural community, in fact, it practically doesn’t exist but, when it does, it sticks out like a rose in a sea of dandelions. I bring this to attention because for the most part, we are a creative bunch but when it comes to good design, most bird people might as well be color blind and mentally challenged when it comes to aesthetics. I really think most parrot people art too cheap to invest in good logos or they think too highly of themselves to consider paying for a professional, yet don’t you dare step on their toes—you’ll hear about it... well.. too bad and if this pisses you off, perhaps you may learn something.
It amazes me how many parrot people think they are visually talented when the reality is they are truly graduates of the Helen Keller School of Art and Design. They don’t realize that a logo is the first representation many will have of them or their company or perhaps they think that being cute is still hip—sorry folks, when we grew up schlock lost it’s cuteness. Perhaps some of them think that the colors they use (picture puking Lucky Charms cereal) is clever and inviting and they don’t realize, if it can’t work in grayscale, it only gets worse in color—especially when you really don’t have a sense of color. Perhaps some of them think we are still kids and we love cartoons? Whatever the reasoning, it’s wrong!
When I pondered opening my own parrot related business, I knew the importance of logo design, I realized that many people would not know me personally so I had to set forth a representation of who I am, I am not a cartoon, I am a tasteful adult who happens to have a passion for parrots and aviculture. I still watch cartoons occasionally, when I’m sick and such, but I am proud to have gone through puberty and learned adult sophistication, I have learned much in my years and although I value my childhood, I am happy being a grown-up. I am a gay man and I love the Pride Flag but I don’t need rainbow colored logos, in fact, they make me wanna burn my Pride Flag!

Okay, here is some good design in my opinion, these are carefully planned, beautifully executed and in my opinion, very tasteful. I really like these and I am happy that someone had the brains to do these. Bravo!
One word... Spectacular!
The only question...Sanctuary or Greenhouse? or both?
Very, Very nice! A stunning logo!

One of my favorites!! God! I wish I did this one!!!
It works well for what he's trying to communicate...

Starting to become a bit too much but holding back...

Clean, simple, elegant

Well done!

Interesting... and has become very recognizable.

Very, very nice!

All three are beautiful... very professional... A very nice representation of Dr. Karen Becker!

Gorgeous!!! Beautiful color, nice form and very inviting!

Bordering on schmaltz, but still working and I like it!


Okay... Not avian but should give you an idea...
It could use some cosmetic work... but still functional!

Okay... so big money plays a part in this one, but it doesn't need to!!!

Another one of my all time favorites!

I really find this interesting...

This was done by yours truly for a company I had pondered opening...

The alternate version—not many people liked this, yet I did... and no, I was not being biased!

Okay... lets look at some real schlocky design... feel free to laugh, snicker, etc. I personally find it offensive as a design professional. If your logo is here, consider it a wake up call and a commentary and perhaps a good reason I will not endorse your products because although I love kids, I don’t want to patronize them. You do not support my profession, I won’t support yours... I am appalled how many people think they can design a logo and instead of creating visual assault, for crying-out-loud, just use type! The saddest thing is, I like some of the people that did some of these and yet they are really, really bad—open your wallets, you want people to buy your stuff, pay for a designers skills. 

Makeover seriously needed!!!

Technicolor crapola!

Only if the King is a kid!

I'd expect much better!!!

I really love these characters, I love the faces but it just doesnt cut it as a logo...

More Yuck!!!

About as disappointing as a faked orgasm!!


If your logo made it on the schlock list consider doing something about’s never too late to change and you may actually benefit from it. Do yourselves a favor, hire a design may pay off in the long run...

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