Saturday, May 19, 2012

Look, Listen, and Learn...

Wings Over the Rainbow—need I say more?!! Aviculture has seen rocks thrown many times but when do we stop and address the whole picture? When do we realize the problem, put the stones down, and help all those that are in need? When do we start trying to heal the issues and not say “Nope! I would never do that!!” and say “Yes, it happened; what are we going to do to fix the whole picture?”

Every aspect of life has its' crazies, but they should never be allowed to become the Pied Piper, they must be recognized and put into perspective. Those that have an illness, such as hoarding, should be given compassion and help, and we need to realize that, excuse the cliché—the road to hell is paved with good intent. Those zealots that are casting stones must look at the whole picture—from beginning to where it is today, and realize, we could all follow those footsteps if we are not careful. I seriously doubt WOTR started their mission with poor intent, but things happen, and sometimes we just can’t find our way out of situations once we’re in too deep.

Am I defending WOTR? No— I am trying to make a point—this is not the first case like this and it will not be the last. I can think of a lot of rescues that could easily head down this path, I hear a lot of people snickering, and I hear a lot of people passing judgment, well, shame on them!!! Think about some of the rescues you know; do you honestly think they’re perfect? Think about those we all respect, and realize they are run by some incredible people, but not all of us are so great or given the support, energy, or resources, some of us are one person trying to do good work and just can’t do it all the time. We are human, and we all make mistakes sometime or another.

Aviculture today is in a state of shambles, we are attacking breeders, rescues, etc., and Facebook is allowing us to spread the word along with other social media, we need to band together and extend a hand, not continue the abuse by shaming our fellow souls. Yes—I want to see the birds that were confiscated placed in better accommodations, yes—I want to see tighter standards for rescues, and yes—I want all birds to have a wonderful quality of life but I will not persecute and promote hatred in a community that has already so much of it going on. Halos are not available at the dollar-store so those that think they have one better take a close look.

Friends, we all know who the truly reputable rescues and sanctuaries are—whether they are large or small, we need to support them and back them but we also need to be realistic with those in trouble and ourselves. Not all of us can be super-parronts, speaking from experience, I learned my limit the hard way and I know that my limit for companion parrots is two, two macaws that have my respect, love, and commitment, and if necessary, I would take a third, but I honestly know that by my standards, that is my limit. There are days when I honestly believe Maggie and I would be better off if she was a single macaw, but I also believe she needs to have another bird in the home to help her through the days I am not available for her.

Please, listen, think, and hopefully learn from this tragedy, lets give purpose to the suffering these animals had and help them see a better future…


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