Thursday, October 6, 2011

The World Lost a Friend...

Yesterday, October 5th, 2011 the world lost a friend, the light of a genius was extinguished and Heaven has gained another wonderful soul. The man I am talking about is Steve Jobs of Apple Computer, Pixar, etc., and I am still in shock, we all knew it was coming given his condition, but we thought Steve could beat pancreatic cancer—he could do anything! He changed the way we live, and yet God took him, and now there will be iPods, iPhones, iTunes, Macs, and iPads in Heaven and angels will be blessed with his charismatic presentations. We lost a man who dared us to do things differently, we lost a visionary who made the unreal possible, and we lost someone that we all benefited from.

I will never forget the first time I saw Steve Jobs present a keynote—I was amazed at his finesse and I also fell in lust...yeah...I thought he was hot in a very different way. Without doubt, Steve was the ultimate showman, when he strutted across the stage we all watched to see if he was gonna pull something out of his pocket, we hung on his words, and we waited with anticipation for his next stroke of brilliance. If I am not mistaken, the first keynote I watched was for the iPod...and I remember thinking "This thing will never change music and the way we listen to it!!", well, within a year the name iPod became synonomous with a portable music player, and no one else could come close.

My first Apple was an LC that my grandmother bought for me in 1991, later I watched eagerly as new products to be announced and I fell in love with the marketing, the design, and the "American Dream" that Apple forged. I remember the brilliance of the 1984 Macintosh Ad and I remember the candy-inspired iMacs, I remember the first Mac laptops, I remember the iBook and thinking it would last forever... so many computers, I use a MacBook Pro and I could not imagine my life without it...

Joel called me to tell me the news—I simply could not believe it and I lit a candle. I wanted to to toast him, but instead I spent the time remembering his brilliance and the loss we have all suffered.

Steve, you were taken away too soon, but your legacy and name will be with us for generations to come. Rest in Peace.

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  1. A beautiful tribute to a brilliant man. Well done!